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Engineering year in industry

  1. Apr 16, 2013 #1

    I am a second year electrical and electronic engineering student and I have been planning to do a year in industry between my second and third year, however due to bad organisation and prioritizing studying for my exams I've missed the deadline for most companies. I know its a lame excuse but I really have had an insane amount of work to do, and writing a portfolio for an application didn't seem as pressing at the time.

    Anyway, my question is do you think there are any companies that will still be taking on undergraduates for the year 2013 to 2014?
    (september 2013 - september 2014)

    I would really really love to do a year in industry, however a lot of places I have seen have their deadlines for applications in december, so i'm quite late. It would also be very beneficial for me to do the year in industry between said dates as opposed to doing it next year, as I have planned my living arrangements around the assumption that I would get a placement.

    What do you think, do I still have a chance? And do you know any places that could still offer me this opportunity?

    Thank you.
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