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Engineers who changed an industry.

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    Today we celebrated the shipping of the 200millionth HP Inkjet printer at HP Corvallis. This is the place it all started, in a small room in the south east corner of Building 3,an idea supplied by HP labs and 4 engineers created the foundation of the modern printing industry. 2 of those 4 engineers STILL WORK at HP Corvallis. They were introduced at the picnic today.

    A short while after the indroduction one of them walked by were I was sitting and dropped his paper plate into the trash. Consider the effect this man had on the printing industry. Before HP Inkjet there was dot matrix, a rumor to most on this board. Now photo quality pictures printed quickly and quietly. These guys are agin to god in my eyes. Few people can lay claim to such a remarkable change, a change which is a significant portion of what the modern computer industry is all about.

    I sat in the shadow of greatness today.
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    Yeah, mad props out to the printer gods. All these things we take for granted... these things are such a major part of our lives. Dot matrix, hehehe...
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    I had a dot matrix printer...actually, I've had multiple
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