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England vs Ecuador

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    0-0 at half time
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  3. Jun 25, 2006 #2
    we won , didnt play to well again . i dont think they can handle the temperature, i never realized germany was so hot in the summer.
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    It's not *that* hot. In '94 when the games were in the US there was all kinds of footage of teams dealing with dehydration cramps. I think some of the games in Texas were played in the 120's (almost 50 C).
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    Unconvincing performance by England but they always seem to win without much trouble. I think the media should switch off criticizing Beckham for a while and switch to the whole team attitude instead.
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    England didn't prove to be a strong team throughout the whole match, but the first half was visibly their worst performance.

    I'm wondering about Roony's position upfront, I think he needs more support.
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    I can't help but think that England will loose to a team that manages to score one or two goals but doesn't give up too many set positions.
  8. Jun 26, 2006 #7
    That penalty in the second quarter was ridiculous. England Shmengland.
  9. Jun 26, 2006 #8


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    I thought we played much better.

    Though, Sven still seems to be trying to **** things up.

    Bringing on Downing in the last minute with the threat of extra time, no more substitutes, and a lone Rooney!!!

    :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised

    Shocking management.

    Sven is the anti-christ!
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    Isn't it strange that whenever England looses Svennis is blamed, and whenever England wins he is also blamed...:wink:
    Looking at the results he has a quite good record, but maybe that's just because he's been having a great portion of luck...over and over again!:wink:
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  11. Jun 26, 2006 #10


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    Yeah - you can't dispute his record.

    However, when you see teams such as Holland and Portugal, with players at the same level (and playing with ours), playing with such intensity, you have to wonder...

    Graham Taylor may have been a turnip head but even he had some passion.

    And the substitutions...

    :surprised :tongue: :wink:
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    Question is what you find more important: Playing attractive football, or winning?

    But of course, admit that in the end it all comes down to one fact: He's not English...:wink:
  13. Jun 26, 2006 #12
    England is an overestimated team. Once they encounter the big teams, they will lose.

  14. Jun 26, 2006 #13


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    Valuable insight.

    However, with only 3 to play those "big teams" had better show up soon...

  15. Jun 26, 2006 #14
    I really beleive that England have the strongest team of any team in the world cup. With Rooney, Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Joe cole, John Terry and Rio ferdinand they should win the world cup. But bad management is gonna give other teams the edge over us. So sven better sort himself out otherwise he's going to ruin the best chance england have had of winning the world cup for quite a few years.

  16. Jun 26, 2006 #15
    I would vote for Argentina instead
    Lafin the best !
  17. Jun 26, 2006 #16
    Agreed. They have rather ordinary and unimpressive; at the form at which they played ecuador, they are INCREDIBLY LUCKY to not have played Germany and already be knocked out.

    However, I admit Joe Cole is a very good player.
  18. Jun 26, 2006 #17
    I don't agree with that ,England have a team with huge potential and ability

    Its strange things are just not clicking at the moment, the players are thinking to much and not playing to their natural abilities. Hopefully their confidence will improve so they can go on and win it.

    Its like they've been built up so much by the media that their afraid to go out and show the world what they can do in case they make that one mistake and then disappoint the fans. They should just go for it .

    The only weak link i can see in the team apart from sven is the goal keeper he just aint good enough, he doesnt command the box and its causing england's defensive players problems because they are holding back in stead of getting forward due to their lack of confidence in him and that in turn is preventing the midfield from moving up the field to score or support the strikers.
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  19. Jun 26, 2006 #18
    People who think they know about football.:smile:

    Its quite simple Football is a team game but Englands good record has more to do with the strengths and passionS of the individuals in the team rather than the way that the manager gets the team to play. Sven is so crap at his job that even after all this time he still dosent know what is englands best line up or formation.Thats terrible especially when you consider we are in the middle of the world cup.
    Sven is so stupid he left behind the top goal scorer from the premeirships and brought along a boy who has never played in the premeirship or had any top flight football experience ,sven had never even seen him play before he picked him for the team, how mad is that. And that was done with him knowing that englands two main strickers Owen and rooney were still not fit after breaking bones in their feet. sven is mad he is a disaster zone

    If england get a manager who knows his stuff and plays the team as a team rather than relying on individual moments of brilliance then no team in the world would stop us at he moment.

    Im english so yes i am a little bit bias ,but even so they could seriously be that good.

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2006
  20. Jun 27, 2006 #19


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    Totally agree with the above!

    Especially the thing about passion.

    This not only goes for the team, but for us English fans who have to sit through the whole thing every two years (Euros included).

    It's not about being pragmatic.

    It's not about analysing the team to determine which player's better than which.

    It's about playing exciting football. The football we've become used to in the premiership - week in, week out.
  21. Jun 27, 2006 #20


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    A little...?:wink:

    In fact Sven hasn't lived in Sweden since like 84' or something...
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