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English forums?

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    I am interested in a forums similar to 'physics forum', but has more to do with the English language. I am looking to find a forum to help me with my english HW.
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    I am not sure if they are good, but they are probably worth a shot.
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    Oh dear. Well, I'm sure they have good intentions. :bugeye:

    I hope this thread I just read isn't typical.

    question from member -
    Does anyone knows meaning of 'intruigue'

    Somtimes I can see someone using this word 'intruiged'. I think this mean is same as 'intrigued'. Am I right? and which one is correct? intruiged or intrigued.

    Answer from ADVANCED MEMBER - Nona the Brit -

    Probably - they just can't spell.

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    I think bush could use those forums:

    From wikipedia:

    ...sigh curious George.....
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    Here's another great thread title from this site:

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    To be fair, I think the forum is to teach english to non native speakers.
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    Yes, I'm just being irritable.

    The quality of the mentorship seems to have gone up since I joined but the quality of the members has taken a steep nose dive. I have no idea why, but the place only seems to be attracting highly discombobulated people lately.

    It used to be that really a really cool new person showed up at least once a week, and they'd stick around. Now it seems like some really irritating new person shows up once a week and sticks around.
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    Why don't you guys post your questions in the https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=148 [Broken] forum here at PF? I so could have answered meteor's question.

    Is your class about the English language or about English literature and history? If it's about language, I should be able to help you with all parts of it.
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