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Homework Help: English grading system

  1. Oct 19, 2004 #1
    I have applied to different universities in England and I would like to compare myself with English students, I have found some tests for math A levels.
    I am from Sweden by the way.

    I want to understand what AAA - AAB AS/A2 means and how the grading system works.

    What would I have to do to get AAA in level A mathematics?
    Would I have to score A on all the (6) required modules or are three enough? And would A A C B C C grant me the score AAB?

    I'm confused, could an englishman clarify some of this please?

    I think I'm talking about upper secondary school or high school or whatever it's called.

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    First of all A levels have recently been split up into two parts AS Level which is done in one year, and then A2 which is done in the second year. AS + A2 = A level.

    So for example first you study Maths Physics Electronics and Chemisty, giving you 4 AS levels. Then next year you can drop one and study for example Maths Physics and Electronics, getting you A levels in each one of these.

    AAA therefore means you have to (in my case above) get three A's, one in Maths, one in Physics and one in Electronics.
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    ok i think i get it but do pupils only study three subjects? What about english, social science and all that. Or is it that they only study three subjects at A level?
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    you choose four AS levels to study (first year) then drop one to leave you with three A levels (second year)

    so you leave school with 3A levels and one AS, but the AS is never really counted.

    I think you need to contact the universities to ask them which subjects they wish you to have to gain entry. ie AAA in art, english and drama will not get you onto a Mathematics course for instance!

    Hope this helps.
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    Ok, i think i can give u a clear answer.

    You dont get AAA in maths, you just get A in maths, and the a second A in another subject and a third A in a third subject.

    To get an A at maths A level, then you take into consideration your AS and A2 results. In the first year you sit 3 modules, such as pure maths 1, mechanics 1 and statistics1. Each of these gives you a score out of 100. Then in A2 you sit another 3 modules, such as pure 2, pure 3 and statistics 2., whcih are also out fo 100 each. SO in A level maths the maximum you can get is 600. To get an A you must score 480 out of 600. This means u must average 80% or above.
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