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English Grammer Help

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    I need help in the english language. I wrote for my homepage this sentence and I am not sure as I wrote it correct or wrong. My english is still in childrens boots.

    Here is it:

    Thanks a lot.
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    It's not correct English, but I'm not sure how to help fix it, because the words that are problematic don't make enough sense to me to suggest better alternatives.


    They make no sense in the context, so I think you've just chosen wrong words. But, as I said, that makes it hard to suggest alternatives since I'm not sure what you meant to say.

    "privat" should be "private" At least I can help with that much. :smile:
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    Below is a general outline of Physics. Pick a topic of interest. I am always looking for high quality subject material suitable for private study.
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    Try posting the way you would write it in German. There are probably some people here who know enough of both German and English that they can suggest improvements.
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    I don't think that's below.

    Go to the physics sites and see what they have in "About Us" section ...
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    Ok above then. I have no idea what page he is translating or the context of where his outline is. Feel free to translate it.
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