English Lingo?

Which language do you prefer?

  1. English

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  2. American

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  1. My English lingo! what other type of Bin is there i can only think of one and that's Bin laden! And if you americans can't understand my English lingo then how comes mentat could understand it?
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  3. hey, i understood it well enough to respond, didn't i?

    and i put i prefer the english lingo because it's funny! say something else funny, funny-man!
  4. Purple monkey dishwasher!

  5. that's just not funny...
  6. you just dont get it do you, it was never intended to be funny, so you thinking that i was trying to be funny when i was actually being completely random is whats funny.
  7. how about color or sidewalk, they're funny. u know why cus they show how intelligent the americans are. things have to be explained to them and not have any complications. but hang on what about football
    our (proper) version involves using ure feet whenever possible. their version involves kicking it to the other side (thats dumb) or when u havent got the skill to get it over the line (or into the'end zone') and u have to aim at an upside down goal. at least rugby doest call itself summink it aint.

    America is dumb. they elected george bush what more proof do you need

    'hail to the theif!'
    (radiohead fans will undersand)
  8. Personally, I think that English (no matter what "lingo" is used) is an insult to languages. It is the fecal matter of the human mind's ability to be creative.

    I study lots of languages, and I've never seen one that was as pathetic as English (no offense to anyone, I'm just making an observation).
  9. Good point Mentat i much prefer spanish, cant stand french, but one thing that is mroe pathetic than english is that so many other countries use it, and completely screw it up just like you americans with your color and as for the australians dont get me started on the australians!
  10. i must admit, i'd think we were dumb too. and most of us are anyways. most of us, mind you! not all. i be very smart!

    p.s. i dislike both our types of football.

    and mentat, if you hate english so much, let's choose another language to speak on the forums.
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  11. i agree english is basic but there was no need to make it simpler was there? (cept 4 on the net cus its just pln quikr 2 wrt lik ths)
  12. we screw it up with our color? what the flying f*** is that supposed to mean? are you saying you think our acents are ugly? even californian? (but i don't have an accent, naturally)

    i once asked a spanish speaker what they thought of americans trying an spanish language, and he said that we make it sound good. i've always thought that french accents sound good, along with spanish. (and some others)
    english accents are okay. (i can immitate one rather well actually)
  13. it may seem plain to me or you, but to someone trying to learn it, it's just plain nutty.
  14. personally i was talkin about the complexity of the lingo, ie, masculine and feminine (possibly neutral) tenses. i'm pretty sure that others were too. obviously a subtle point missed on an obtuse mind

    (i think we have him a little pissed off)
  15. actually, i'm fine. you're right, i completly missed that.
  16. That is supposed to mean that Color is spelt Colour but you americans thought you would change it because you found it too hard to spell!
  17. And I suppose you think that "center" should be spelt "centre"? And that a cookie is a biscuit and a truck is "lorry" (probably spelt that wrong)?
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  18. whoa, whoa... we're getting a little cultural offencive here. (or maybe not, it's hard to tell without vocal intonations or at least smilies.
  19. Can you speak another language?

    Besides, English serves my purpose here on the PFs well enough. So, I don't think I should petition Greg to change the common language of the PFs.
  20. only one other. and that only barely, i'm in accel. spanish 2
  21. Yes CENTRE should be spelt this way because it is the proper way of spelling it! you managed to get lorry right (well done) but buscuit you must be having a laugh! you got the harder bit correct and the easiest bit wrong its spelt Biscuit. (i say the harder bit when even that is very easy to spell)
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