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Homework Help: English paper

  1. Mar 23, 2005 #1


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    My English teacher has cancelled class once again and I thought I could spend a couple minutes information gathering. I'm supposed to write a research paper on anything to do with society, education and government (so basically anything I want), and I'm fishing for ideas. At the moment I'm not trying to antagonize the teacher but it is a possibility. o:) I still like my term paper from my senior year in highschool where I discussed crack pot theories on what would happen if you passed lightspeed before concluding that this was all impossible since you can't get to the speed of light. :tongue2: My grade fell after that, but I got a good score on the paper. Only the first couple pages and the last couple had red marks and comments on it. I have been considering the reprocessing of nuclear fuel rods but I don't know.
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