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English terracotta army

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    Unearthed by Hadrians wall Northumberland, dozens of minature warriors the
    size of action men have been found along with a partiially legible latin
    plaque, the inscription bears all the hall marks of Nero Nesttenus, a renowned
    minaturist sculpter, it seems it is possible that Emperor Hadrian who died
    in AD138 may be buried near by.
    Found in sunday express.
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    I would think the figurines were idols of some sort.
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    There is a picture in the paper arildno, the figurines are remarkably intact
    and detailed, even the very flimsy looking spears are not broken, over a
    hundred have been found so far.
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    I'd be rather dubious about anything like this found in the paper today :rolleyes:. Like in the mail, there was an article outlining how the government intended to fine people burning charcoal on barbeques. It was only when I pointed out the name of the author to my dad, that he realised :rofl:
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    Yep just re read it, the Aprilus Primus legion :rofl:
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