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News Englishman convicted of accepting half a million in bribes from the Italian PM

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    Wow... That's certainly interesting: eliminating Rule of Law (nobody is outside of the reach of the law) so you don't get distracted from your job. I seem to recall some people saying that he had to become Prime Minister, or go to prison for various tax and monopolistic practice related crimes (or some such).

    Come to think of it, isn't that how the first Roman Republic fell? That the practice of granting dictator status (immunity for all acts committed while dictator) eventually led to greater and greater use until temporary Dictator became permanent Emperor. Actually, I suppose this takes it one step further since you can't be prosecuted for anything you do (or even did) while in office. Not that they made a practice of trying sitting Dictators.
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    Even funnier - he is married to a British cabinet minister. When this came out, she claimed that she didn't know anything about them buying a house with the money because - she left all the financial stuff to her husband.
    She is in charge of the London 2012 olympics!
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