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Engr situation

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    Hey all, I know there is a "should I be an engineer" sticky, but I wanted to start a thread to explain my situation, and see what you guys think would be in my best interest to do. I was originally a mechanical engineering major at PSU, but my GPA unfortunately didn't cut it since I transferred into the university from another and my GPA didn't carry over. So I switched to computer engineering this past semester and was admitted into the program. I was not able to take any of the Compen courses however, since I made my decision at the last minute. So i'm at the point in time now where I haven't passed Calculus 2 yet, and I need to submit a entrance to major extension.

    Now here's the fork in the road i'm facing. the College of Engineering at Penn State requires that a C or better is needed in Calc 2 to be in the program; but my adviser said that I should look into the College of Earth Sciences which engineering majors only require a passing grade of a D or better, which I have been able to do. He also said I should look into Industrial Engineering instead of Computer since it is not as intensive with its Math use.

    So this is my dilemma, go into Industrial or Computer Engr in the College of Engineering, or go into Energy or Environmental Systems Engr in the College of Earth Sciences. Now the courses I have taken thus far will be able to go toward all of them except for Computer, so that's one that I will be set behind more than I would the other 3. So thanks for reading all this, and what are your opinions?
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