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Enhanced electron spin lifetime

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    I am developing a cathode for studying the microwave induced magnetic isotope effect (MIMIE) in electrolytic reactions. My premise is that a cationic species and an electron donated by a cathode can be considered as a "quasi-radical pair," and that resonant magnetic pumping of the quasi-radical pair can be done to spin lock the pair, thus preventing reduction of the cationic species. If a particular isotopologue can be selectively spin locked, then an isotope selective reduction of another isotopologue could occur.

    The cathode is a flat conductor with an orthogonally applied DC magnetic field that provides Zeeman splitting. A microwave current is applied to the conductor to produce a resonant magnetic field at the surface of the cathode. My understanding is that in most metals, spin relaxation occurs in the picosecond timeframe, whereas in semiconductors spin relaxation can be on the order of a microsecond. It appears that spin relaxation is largely a function of spin-orbit coupling. Can anybody suggest a coating or compound that can be applied to a copper or gold cathode, or adsorbed from an electrolyte, so that the spin lifetime of donated electrons could be enhanced?


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