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Enhancing Video Memory

  1. Jan 17, 2004 #1
    Is there any way of enhancing Video Memory of my Card in Windows XP ???
    It shows only 16 mb.
    Whereas in Windows 98 it shows 15mb.
    Wat happened to that 1 mb?
    Some one said it may be due to the latest drivers installed in XP.
    Is that True ??

    Can we make any thing so that RAM can be shared by my Video Card to increase performance ??
    Somebody help .!!!!
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    Sharing video ram between the system and video card greatly decreases performance as system ram runs considerably slower than dedicated video ram.

    If your system has shared ram, you can change the amount through your bios (usually hit "del" to enter bios setup right at the beginning of boot).

    Different programs will sometimes list different amounts for the video ram - not something to be concerned with.

    You wouldn't happen to know what video card you have would you?
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