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    there are three types of drives that determinate the direction of changes:
    -"dead end" (impossible) drive (drive without choice)
    -"automatic" (self driven) drive (drive with only one choice)
    -"free will" drive (drive with more than one choice)
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    Freewill drive is the only drive i see making changes. Isn't there always more then one choice in every situation?
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    when you drop a pen from a height it won't write a poem cause it has no such choice. in fact it can only hit the ground after a short free fall.but also if you leave the pen on the desk it cannot went away but it has to wait untill next time - the time when you get it...

    or so...
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    ddr: yes it can. As far as QM is concerned, it can. You can only make a probabilistic statement, and then your observation collapses the waveforms into a single instance.
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    Aren't we all forgetting the Great Machine? We're just a bigass VW bus headed toward a cliff.
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    i can't see the difference between these two idea, if you have only one choice, you have no choice.
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    Actualy, like FZ partially mentioned, according to QM
    nature always has infinite choices according to its
    fundumental laws. As for "us", "we" seem to have none,
    because "us" is meaningless.

    Live long and prosper.
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