Enlightenments on the track of knowledge

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Do you remember your best enlightenment? When you finally understand something after a year of reading some obscure chapter back and forth? Your most pleasurable eureka moment? That one second after you discover something no one has known before? When you outsmart your teacher in his field?

Describe here your best moment in life as a scientist.
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I had some eureka's however upon closer investigation those proved to be invalid or remain highly speculative still. There is one eureka remaining of which I'm convinced; but that's somewhat about refuting the mainstream. Let's say that I understand why the isotopes in the ice cores of Antarctica and Greenland together with oceanic cores, tell a different story about temperatures from the past than glacial evidence and biologic proxies (pollen, macrofossils, bones, etc) do.

Edit: This one is probably the most striking example of that.
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