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Enormous solar storms

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    Impossible to say and depends on the definition of "soon". It WILL happen, but it could be next week or it could be thousands of years (and by "it" I mean the Earth getting hit by a storm that would knock out all satellites and power grids on that side of the planet).
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    We get hit by blasts of particles from the sun on a very regular basis. But the mega ones being suggested in that article
    obviously much rarer.
    Over the next few days around 1to 5 Nov. there's going to be more geomagnetic storming with lots of aurora
    as a large coronal hole becomes geo-effective. This will be followed by possible solar flares from a returning
    quite large sunspot group.

    On a side note, this current solar max has been one of the lowest level ones on the last 5 solar cycles. and the
    next one in 11 yrs time is predicted to be even worse ( lower level), the sun appears to be going into a quieter
    time, maybe similar to the Maunder Minimum that occurred between 1645 and 1715

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