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Enron, Tyco, and Worldcom

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    I'm a new business student, and am trying to understand what happened in the three titled scandals, however, whenever I look on the net, I find complicated explanations, or news regarding the convicted men. All I want is a clear, concise, summary of what happened at these scandals. Can anyone help me out or possibly give me a link to a site that can offer me what I would like? thanx.
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    You're going to need to learn how to do google searches. I went to google and typed in "summary of company name scandal" and got summaries of each scandal. (substitute the name of the company you're searching for where I typed "company name", in case that's not obvious)
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    I did that...the links are either too simplified, where all they really say is "accounting fraud", or they summarize the aftermath of the scandals - the lawsuits, etc. I'm looking for a reader's digest version just highlighting the main points of what the scandals were
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    Try economist.com. You might be asked to subscribe, pay up, etc. Alternatively you can look for printed copies in a library, they should have annual indexes, too.
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    All of the summaries I've seen explain exactly what happened. If you need more detailed information then you are going to have to read through everything and pick out what you are looking for.
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    You know what...


    Exactly the companies your looking for and they have very simplified explanations of what happened.

    But remember... there's a reason why most sites have complicated descriptions of what happened...
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