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Entanglement and the twin-slit

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    So, I've heard at least a couple of theories as to why individual photons continue to act as a wave as seen in the twin slit experiment, but none of them really seemed to lock down a specific answer.
    So please excuse my ignorant perspective on this when I theorize that the photons continue to follow a wave like pattern, though we are only able to observe one photon at a time and assume that it's a singular photon going through the slit, that there are actually multiple photons that we can't see in other dimensions, being projected as well.

    I just find this more plausible than the theory of a singular photon deciding to skew one way or another without anything acting on it. What if between these 11 other dimensions there actually is a complete wave formed, even though we're only seeing one particle at a time?

    Again, please excuse my child-like understanding of all this, I'm just fascinated by QP and this has been one that really made me scratch my head.

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    If this isn't the best forum for this, can a mod move it to one more appropriate?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I am moving this to the Physics forum, but it will be posed as a question, not a personal theory, lest the thread be deleted.
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