Entanglement in expanding spacetime

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http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/quant-ph/pdf/0506/0506113.pdf [Broken]

Title: Entanglement in an expanding spacetime
Authors: J. L. Ball (Oxford U.), I. Fuentes-Schuller (Oxford U. and Perimeter Inst.), F. P. Schuller (Perimeter Inst.)
Comments: I. F-S published previously under Fuentes-Guridi

We show that a dynamical spacetime generates entanglement between modes of a quantum field. Conversely, the entanglement encodes information concerning the underlying spacetime structure, which hints at the prospect of applications of this observation to cosmology. Here we illustrate this point by way of an analytically exactly soluble example, that of a scalar quantum field on a two-dimensional asymptotically flat Robertson-Walker expanding spacetime. We explicitly calculate the entanglement in the far future, for a quantum field residing in the vacuum state in the distant past. In this toy universe, it is possible to fully reconstruct the parameters of the cosmic history from the entanglement entropy.
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