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B Entanglement using Wormholes?

  1. Dec 15, 2016 #1
    Hasn't anyone or others thought of this before.. entanglement using wormholes seem to be quite obvious and logical.

    According to Jun Maldacena in November 2016 issue of Scientific American (see https://www.scientificamerican.com/...holes-could-pave-the-way-for-quantum-gravity/ for intro first):

    "Although we identified the connection between wormholes
    and entangled states using black holes, it is tempting to speculate
    that the link is more general—that whenever we have entanglement
    we have a kind of geometric connection. This expectation
    should hold true even in the simplest case, in which we
    have only two entangled particles. In such situations, however,
    the spatial connection could involve tiny quantum structures that
    would not follow our usual notion of geometry. We still do not
    know how to describe these microscopic geometries, but the entanglement
    of these structures might somehow give rise to spacetime
    itself. It is as if entanglement can be viewed as a thread connecting
    two systems. When the amount of entanglement becomes
    larger, we have lots of threads, and these threads could weave
    together to form the fabric of spacetime. In this picture, Einstein’s
    relativity equations are governing the connections and reconnections
    of these threads; quantum mechanics is not just an add-on
    to gravity—it is the essence of the construction of spacetime."
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    Maybe, but wormholes are not something you can easily get hold of in order to try that..
    They didn't have any in my local supermarket,
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