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Enter the Meatrix

  1. Nov 12, 2004 #1

    A hilarious parody of a blockbuster with a sobering message.
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    really neatrix !
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    Ok I wish I hadn't seen that. I've been feeling bad about eating meat anyway. At least I live in a place where free range meat is available.
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    Vega, no reason to feel bad about eating meat. That's not the message of that site. The message is to support sustainable agriculture. The cool thing about that site is if you follow the link after the movie, you can locate farms near where you live where you can buy meats raised according to sustainable practices. I found a farm near me...I had heard of the farm before, but didn't know they had a market there. I think I'll take a drive and check them out. If the meat tastes better and the farm is more environmentally friendly, I'm willing to pay a little more (though I can't afford to pay LOT more).

    I've already started to be more selective about the chicken I buy. Though, that has less to do with choosing sustainable agriculture as it does protesting the added water to meat the big producers are using...read your labels...8% or 15% "retained" water or broth added to "enhance flavor." Sorry, but it's not enhancing the flavor (actually, it tastes worse to me), it's adding weight without adding meat so the price per pound stays low while you're still paying more because you're paying for 15% water weight rather than meat. Not to mention some are adding salt to the meat (broth and brine), so if you're someone who needs to be cautious of sodium intake, that will just make it harder to keep your sodium intake low.
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    Well this is not good since Americans don't eat carbs, so that leaves meat as the only option.
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    moo-phius!!! :rofl:
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