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Entering a superposition

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    Hi guys,

    Quick question. Just started QM in class, and we discussed the double slit experiment. Im just a bit confused here. From what I understand, if just one electron is shot at the slits, it enters a superposition of states based on probabilities, and interferes with itself, resulting in an interference pattern on the screen (Stop me if I go wrong anywhere). However, if the electron is observed, then it cannot enter a superposition of states, and no interference pattern is formed. Why is this so? If it is because observing the electron (hitting it with a photon) disturbs it, then shouldnt background EM radiation do the same thing?

    As I said, confused. Help me out?
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    Nobody truly understands the double slit experiment and you are not going to get help on this issue here. If you want somebody's personal bias towards a perspective solution, that'd be another thing.

    Read up on the interpretations of qm, as they attempt to provide a picture of what could be going on.
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