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Homework Help: Enthalpy and heat change

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    You people heard about hess law means that sum of all enthalpies of chemical reactions takes place but why we only call sum of all enthalpies?

    A----B dH1
    B----C dH2 HESS LAW
    DH = dH1 + dH2

    A----B dQ1
    B----C dQ2 ?
    DQ = dQ1 + dQ2
    In the above representations one is associated with enthapy and another is heat
    whethe second one is valid or not?if so why?
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    Welcome to the forums syamdcs,

    According to the rules of the forum, you must show your work/attempt before we can offer any assistance. Also, in future, could you please post homework questions in the appropriate forum. Thanks.
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    please i will like u to give me some major diferences btw thermodynamic and kinetic stability
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