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Enthalpy Conversion

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    I'm studying combusion at the moment and was wondering how to convert the enthalpy of combustion values given in Steam Tables in kj/kmol to kj/kg? I have been trying to do mols multiplied by molecular weight, but this hasn't been giving me the answer I want.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I didnt really ask in the other thread.

    Why do you want to do this anyway? I've never come across a situation where it would be useful.

    I would think you would need to times the kj/kmol value by (1Kg/molar mass) as you want 1Kg eqivilant in moles.
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    Is it kJ/kmol or kJ/mol (no "k" prefix on mol)?

    It does look like a straightforward moles→mass conversion problem. However, note that the molecular weight converts moles into grams, not kg. Perhaps the problem is there?
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