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Enthalpy rise hot channel factor and Radial form factor

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    I am currently designing a whole-core for small PWR.
    I am calculating core life (years) vs. FdH and RFF.

    What is the difference between "Enthalpy rise hot channel factor (FdH)" and "Radial form factor (RFF)"?

    I have calculated "CHANNEL FDH" which is same as "RFF". Do I have to try "CHANNEL PIN FDH" for getting the correct result for "Enthalpy rise hot channel factor (FdH)"?
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    What code(s) is one using?
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    I'm not sure what RFF is, but if it's the same thing as radial power density, the difference between FdH and RPD is that FdH is the max pin, on a pin by pin basis, while RPF is an assembly average quantity.
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    I am using PANTHER code.
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    PANTHER code.

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    Based on your other thread I believe RFF is actually the radial peaking factor, not a radial power density, but result is the same. FdH should always be higher than RFF since FdH is highest pin while RFF is highest average assembly.
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