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Enthusiastic Cape Town maths student says hello

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    Hi there,

    I'm one of those rare undergrads happy with the idea of being a statistician, although I originally planned to focus on genetics. My mathematical ability and understanding is only at 1st year level, but it improves by the day! I am particularly interested in learning Mathematica and R. I am fascinated by physics but am only now starting to study it properly, in applied mathematics courses.

    Besides my studies I am most passionate about social justice issues, in fact I am keen to do statistical work on them eventually. I also love Chinese and Lego, and have constructed a custom Lego laptop (based on a Surface pro 3 tablet) which I use for all my varsity work. Here it is at its first maths lecture!

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    Very impressive!

    Welcome to PF, too. :)
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    Very cool! Welcome to the forum.
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