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Entire infinite universe

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    Does anyone else see the universe this way....

    The entire infinite universe was neccessary to facilitate the creation of life. AKA the entire universe and all its complexity is a prerequisite for life and all of its complexity..

    If you give something an infinite number of chances to occur, It will occur. If the universe wasn't the size it is, then perhaps life may not be supported by it.

    Every option had to be created in order to support the one thing the entire universe was created to create....that is, life.

    That said, I also think its fairly obvious that the purpose of a sentient being is to be the guardian of life itself, to find new ways of facilitating life after this universe ends.

    So according to my philosophy (inherited from my father), mankind (or the little green men we evolve to) MUST find a way to traverse the known universe, so that when it ends, life will not. Perhaps we are to create a sub-universe that exists at a higher frequency than the speed of light, completely escaping time. This may mean becoming the God of another universe, not able to change it, but able to make its existence possible. Perhaps our minds are already this device...and our experience is a byproduct. Just like life is a byproduct of infinity.

    Interesting, no?

    I love the impossibility of existence.
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    I love the idea that mankind is responsible for keeping life alive.
    A huge responsibility that is, and one not many take seriously.
    But seeing as this is all in your head, we need some way of proving that mankind does need to keep life alive.

    I propose this:
    We need to prove that life is an outstanding quality of matter, now of course this is a subjective thing, but we can still bend others to our will with logical thought. Mwhaha.

    Anyway, there really is no way to prove that life is an outstanding quality, much less so that it is worth protecting.
    But if we say on a long enough timeline all life will be dead, is it worth thinking about?

    Or do we have this huge responsibility to nature, and to our own outstanding existence, to keep at least mankind alive?
    On a long enough timeline, life also becomes tired and old.
    Humanity is very young though compared to a lot of other things, so that is not the case here, I see prosperity and happiness and worth for mankind.

    However, if mankind were to live for 2 billion years, its worth would go down no?
    Or is this merely subjective again?

    Ahh! So confusing!
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    I think George Carlin said it best. Reincarnation is bull. If it were true, then that means someone is also "printing up souls." We're at 7 Billion people now I believe, has there ever been so many before? Is a person like a dollar and subject to inflation?

    Unfortunately the answer is yes. I can't wait for world war 3 (obviously i don't mean that literally), because thats the only thing that will give us a reason to invent fusion, deep space travel, moon mining colonies, etc. Without war there is no progress, and until we transcend time into infinite progress, we will always have to kill eachother as a catalyst for change.

    99% of the population exists to make the 1% who evolve possible.... Just like the entire universe exists to make life possible. The more chances for existence, the more likely existence is to be, obviously. People can't seem to understand that we are that one in infinity chance, that its no accident that this chance occured, it is obviously the whole reason for everything....to continue occurence and further new types of dynamic existence. Its really that simple. Our pupose is simply TO BE. If we weren't here, nothing else would stand a chance of existing beyond the universe's decline. And of course after that, nothing wouldn't even exist anymore, forever closing the possibliity that something could be created.
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