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Entire Standard Model

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    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if there is a single book / website / paper with the entire standard model in it to date. e.g one giant book with everything about classical physics (facts and equations) in it...

    what about one about the entire of Quantum Mechanics to date?

    I only ask because im interested to know, also it would be great for patching up gaps in my knowledge :tongue2:
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    check out the addresses here :

    https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&journalid=13790&action=view [Broken]

    check out the info on the web post...


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    Not sure if there is a single text that covers the entire gamut of physics. Conventionally, the standard model includes the realm of particle physics and the fundamental forces, except for gravity. There are, however, versions that do include gravity called grand unification theories [GUT's]. Here are some sources I think give a pretty good overview of what I think you might be looking for:

    The Universe is a Strange Place

    Standard Model: An Introduction

    The current status of observational cosmology
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