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Entropy (information entropy)

  1. Apr 19, 2007 #1
    Hey to the nice community. I am reading about information entropy a size that can be calculated by the H(x)=-Sum[p(x)log(2)p(x)]
    then i want to calculate the entropy for the following problem. Consider a random variable that has a uniform distribution over 32 outcomes and i want to find the entroyp
    H(x)=-Sum(1/32*log(1/32) and i ll sum 32 times the quantity before . /the problem is that the result is -5 and the book says that the entropy is 5 bits. Why do we remoive the minus sign fromentropy calculations?
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    The result is 5. log(1/32)=(-5).
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    My excel calculates the =LOG(1/32;0.5)
    for 5 and not for -5 as u mention
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    Thx a lot for your reply
    now i need something more
    Why in a binary symetric channel the channel is calculated for

    I only know that the channel is denoted as C=maxI(X;Y)
    btw what ; means in X;Y?
    Unfortunately my book doesnt mention these things so if u can reply me or provide me with some good links that will be rezlly nice
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    LOG(1/32;0.5)? Isn't that the log base 1/2? Thought you wanted log base 2? Why not LOG(1/32;2)? As for your followup question - I don't know!? You might want to start a new thread and see if you can find someone who does.
  7. Apr 19, 2007 #6
    Thx a lot.. u are right i have used the function log incorrectly. As for my 2nd question i ll wait to see if someone will reply.
    Thx a lot for help though
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