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Entropy Introduction

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    [Mentor's Note: Thread moved from the New Member Introduction to General Physics]

    what are the physical interpertation of entropy?
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    Hi Vishnu.

    This is not the appropriate area for you to ask that question. This is for introductions only. Please pose your question in one of the other forums on PF.

    Welcome to PF, by the way.

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    Hiii Stevie
    Thanks to inform me for this. Where can I pose my question? please tell me the sufficient area.
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    I've already moved this thread to the general physics forum.
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    You can try the search feature to find many answers on this topic.
    Entropy is the amount of information required to specify the exact microscopic state of everything in a system. So, for a container of gas, this is the amount to specify the position and momentum of each molecule in the container, and possibly some more information of specify rotation angles and angular momentum depending on the degrees of freedom of the molecules.
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    thanx for the answer
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