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Entropy minimization - maximum energy delivered

  1. Jan 26, 2009 #1
    I noticed a lot of articles discussing entropy generation minimization (which is, according to Gouy-Stodola theorem, equal to exergy maximization) of certain processes. The process/machine which is exergy-maximized/entropy-minimized will, according to definition of exergy, produce a maximum amount of mechanical work. I have no problem with that.
    What i don't understand is, why is there also a lot of articles discussing entropy generations minimization of processes which are designed to deliver heat (not to produce mechanical work), solar collectors for instance. All the authors of articles claim that the entropy optimization principle evaluates the quality of delivered heat (heat at higher temperature is more quality), but none of them (except one who wrote a theorem - i am not sure if it is correct) mentioned the quantity of heat delivered.

    My question is: will a system, which operate at entropy generation optimum, deliver more energy/heat compare to one that doesn't? Or maybe will a system, which operate at entropy generation optimum, deliver the same amount of energy/heat, but with higher "quality" (temperature)? Or maybe will such system deliver less energy, but more exergy?

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