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Entropy of Plasma

  1. Sep 11, 2004 #1
    Equation of state for quark-gluon plasma is

    p=(127/6) (stephan-boltzmann const/ speed of light) T^4

    internal energy is

    U=3pV = (127/2)(stephan-boltzmann const/ speed of light)(T^4)V

    So how does one get an expression for entropy? or if anyone knows the expression what is it? (I may be able to work backwards)

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    Hey! Welcome to PF.

    Where did you found these expressions?. I didn't know it exists a equation of state for a plasma!. The question is: how can one measure the propierties in a plasma for built up any equations?. I don't understand some people...

    Well, to answer your question:

    1st principle: [tex] dU=TdS-PdV[/tex]

    what happens if you make [tex] S=\int{\frac{dU}{T}+\frac{PdV}{T}}[/tex]?
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    Spannie, could please give some info on how you acquired these formula's you are using in order to describe this quark-gluon plasma.

    Shouldn't you be using the SAHA-equation ??? Just a thought...

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