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Entry Level HVAC Engineer

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    Hey all,

    I am beginning my first job out of college this coming January. I will be working for an architectural/engineering firm as an entry level mechanical engineer designing HVAC systems. I have interned with them for two summers so the company is not completely foreign to me. However, I'd like more information, rules of thumb, etc. What books, resources, etc. do you guys recommend I read/study to help me adapt better to this field? (Unfortunately my school BARELY touches on the subject of HVAC).

    Thank you,

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    Gosh guys, no advice?
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    I'm an HVAC engineer. Honestly, nothing we can say can help you as much as your internship could (as long as they had you doing more than just get coffee...). All I can think of to tell you is to join ASHRAE and get the books.
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    Ok, thank you.

    I am going to join ASHRAE right now. The internship was definitely helpful; I did A LOT more than just get coffee. lol

    If anyone thinks of advice, whether it pertains to HVAC or engineering in general, PLEASE POST!

    Thank you,

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    join ashrae and knnow your limits
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