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Entry Requirements

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    I just started my A-Levels in Physics, and am looking forward to my January examinations in 2005 (NOT!! haha - typical student! :tongue2: )
    I have a keen interest in continuing my education within Physics, but am look for the general requirements/grades to ensure me a place at university (possible to take a degree in Astrophysics)
    The reason I ask, is that i want to achieve as high as possible during my courses, but would like to set goals for me to achieve. Also due to the fact that i'm afraid i might not get the grades needed to apply! (i understand that a lot is expected!)

    Any advice/tips for my A-Level course would be appriciated!

    Thanx in advance!

    James :smile:
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    General requirements are physics and maths A-levels most universities will also gretaly prefre it if you DON'T take a gap year, also some univesties have requirements like maths and English GCSEs C grade or above.

    There are no general grade requirements as that varies from university to university with the better univestities genrally requiring the hhigher grades.

    You should find this page very useful as it lists the requiremnts for each course at each university:

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    btw I've assumed your not a mature student (I think anyone over 21 is a mature student), as it's completely different otherwise.
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    Thanx for the advice.......

    I guess my only downfall is that i am not taking A-Level Mathmatics. My subjects include Physics, Environmental Science, and Electronics. My plans were to take AS Level Mathmatics when my Electronics course has finished.
    Hopefully, this will be sufficient if i can attain a good grade.

    Just had a look at that website.....It has helped me alot!!
    Some courses require Maths OR Physics, but ur right in saying that most prefer both (and at high grades too!)

    Other options I have founds include a foundation/zero year......just means an extra year to obtain the required knowlege to move onto degree level.
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    I remeber when I visted Bath university which is ceratinly one of the better universities for physics, I rember talking to a PhD student and he said he had started with a HND so starting with a foundatoion yera is not the worse way to go if you really wnat to do physics.

    As well as looking at the UCAS site, if there is a university you are interested in give the admissions tutor a ring (that's what they are there for after all) and they will be able to tell you precisely what they willl accept.
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    btw if you are thinking of applying for 2005 you better get a move on as they've already started taking in the forms and Januray 15th is the deadline (and filling in a UCAS form does take time).
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    Thats okay....i'm still taking my AS's so I shall not finish my course till june 2006! I have started my preparations for my UCAS tho in advance. (personal statment etc...)

    Your Information has again been very helpful to me....Again Thanku!
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    I just got accepted to bath to do engineering =) from me they require an MVG in maths E which is equivalent to an A in maths and the same for physics
    (I'm from Sweden btw ;))
    I'd say that even if you might be able to squeeze yourself into a good university, not having full A maths would definately be harmful. Trying to learn A mathematics or even Further mathematics while doing the other coursewould... that would give atleast me a big old headache...
  10. Nov 20, 2004 #9
    Grrrrrr to mathematics!! I'm good at it, but i find it hard to concentrate! i'd take physics anyday!! and the maths within my Physics course is much more understandable, and shown in a way that really interests me!

    I have a friend thats just started his degree in Astronomy and Space Science, however, he didn't take either Physics or Mathematics at A-Level!!
    Also his grades were around a C level!.....I'll have to ask him what the requirements for his course were, as i'm rather jealous that he's taking the same course that i want to apply to!
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