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Enviromental/bio engineer

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    I am a community college student who recently got accepted to transfer to UCSC and UCSD. However, i was uncertain what to study, and chose two different majors. AT Santa Cruz I got accepted into the bioengineering program, while at San Diego i am majoring in enviromental engineering. The problem is, i dont know much about the type of work either of the majors do??? I am having trouble deciding which school to attend, since they are totally different majors. I know that San Diego has a better undergraduate engineering program, however many people have told me that good grade are more importent than school reputation. Can anyone help me out with how i should make my decision on school?? Also most importently, could anyone describe to me more about bio and enviro engineering, such as typical day, types of project they work on, maybe versitility. I still am having trouble deciding which type of engineering to go into, but its almost crunch time.
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