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Enviromental impact of electricity

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    I was thinking.when we mass produce electricity,we send out high amounts of negative magnetic fields.whats the possibilty that when offsetting the planets natural balance of negative electromagnetism.the planets positive side would be over powered by the increase of negativity.do you think this may some day cause the magnetic poles of the planet to flip.not to mention the high amount of RF we send out may add to the problem.because if they flip you would assume since plasma is both the electrons and nucleus of matter forced apart,that when they flip the magma in the planets core will shift to realign and but pressure on the entire planets crust.may even rip the planet in half by the surge of magma's motion throughout the planet.
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    Probably not, since geophysicists have already discovered evidence that the Earth's magnetic poles have flipped ocassionaly (about once every 200 million yrs, I think) throughout the planet's history. This has appearently been going on since long before humans started running electrical power plants.
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