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Enviromental Physics ?

  1. Dec 5, 2004 #1
    N.B- I already know this gonna be a dumb question
    ...it's time for me to fulfill my enviromental science requirement at university... i.e I still haven't caught up to my other engineering majors in math and bide my time w/ random-ness. They had enviromental biology(depises biology), chemistry(almost hate that more than biology), and physics (physics is good 4 u).
    I don't know anyone who's taken it at my university but judging from what they teach in the eniv. bio and chem, about the biological and chemical properties in nature/ enviroment( trees, animals, humans, things like that... sorry I'm so NOT a life science person)
    So far the things I've studied in phsyics (both academically and personally) consist of the basics of general physics, wave mechanics, mechanics, astrophysics, particle (molecular) physics, quantum theory, optics, relativity, ... I know the areas of Physics are called different things sometimes in different areas of the world?

    so is enviromental physics biophysics or what?
    ... sorry if this made absolutely no sense...english isn't my strong point.
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