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Environmental Science help

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    Environmental Science...help!!!

    Hi, Anyone knows the answer to this questions?

    1) Solutions are always comprised of:
    a)water and salts
    b)solvents and solute
    c)compounds and ions
    d)liquids and solids

    2)Plants get the nitrogen they need to build additional cells from:
    a)directly from the nitrogen in the air
    b)protein in the cells
    c)ammonia or nitrate in the soil
    d)denitrifying bacteria

    3)Ammonia (NH3) is converted to nitrite (NO2) by:
    a)nitrifying bacteria
    c)denitrifying bacteria
    d)nitrogen-fixing bacteria

    4)Phosphorus is needed by organisms for
    b)cell membranes
    d)All of the above are correct.

    I take any help you can give me. Thank you very much!!!!:smile:
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    You have to show your approach to these questions first, it's the policy here at Physicsforums.
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