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Enzyme reaction rates

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    If you increase the substrate concetration, then the enzmatic reation will increas right?

    If you alter the pH affect of an enzymatic reaction,then the enzyme will denature right?

    are my concepts right ?

    also, If you pretreat an enzmye with high heat, how will it affect the rate?
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    Yes, if you increase the amount of substrate, you'll get more product.

    Enzymes have an optimal pH range, so pH outside of this range will reduce the enzyme effectiveness, but won't necessarily do anything so extreme as to denature the enzyme.

    On the other hand, high heat can denature an enzyme.
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    There will be more product and the rate will increase but at some subtatre concentration level, the enzyme will be saturated. The enzymatic reaction rate will level off.
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    Increasing substrate levels will increase enzymatic reaction rate until it reaches a maximum velocity, Vmax. Once at Vmax, the enzyme is operating at maximum velocity and only allosteric regulation or adding more enzyme would increase the rate, and subsequently amount of product formed.
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