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EP test?

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    It suddenly occurred to me that I've never heard of a test of the Equivalence Principle itself - such as something like .....

    An accelerating laboratory [in space] can see very obvious effects in external astronomical observations. Depending on the rate of acceleration, there would be 'forward / backward' anisotropies in the galactic field spectra well as the CMB spectrum. If you 'hovered' over our moon, say, or 'hung' from a lunar tether at L1, would it be possible to detect spectral anisotropies looking away / towards the local gravitational field?
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    Eotvos experiments are tests of the equivalence principle. The Eot-Wash group at UW does nothing but Eotvos experiments.
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    I guess what I really meant to ask is what would GR predict as the result for the experiment I describe. Some related questions:

    1. Is there a spectral shift in images of objects observed in gravitational lensing?

    2. Can you [in theory] produce a 'lensing' effect, the same as gravitation, with acceleration?
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