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Epic Nonsense And A Story Of The Filthy Rich

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    i am currently sitting in an airbus at the ahemdabad airport, on a hopping flight connecting baroda and new delhi. The flight took 20 minutes to fly from baroda to ahemdabad. And there are around 10 to 15 passengers who got down here: yes, they boarded a 20 minute flight. If you calculate the time the plane was stalled and taxied to the runway and the security clearance, it takes around 1.5 hours to travel from baroda to ahemdabad. If you go by road, it takes around the same time by the express way. A private taxi costs 3 times less. A coach costs around 10 times less whereas a bus or taking the train would mean around 18 to 20 times less. Add to that the fact that the airport will be farther from your home than the bus stop or the railway station. I dont really see the point in the 20 minute flight even in terms of time other than the eye pleasing stewardess.
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    Maybe they had time constraints?
    Is it not possible they were changing planes?
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    The situation sounds ideal for a helicopter or a private plane, but I agree that taking a commercial flight over such a short distance is quite excessive.

    Although flying is safer then driving...
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    I am of the mind to reserve judgment about the apparent counter-productivity of this until I've heard from the passengers (which, of course, will be never).

    But I think there's a whole lot of assumptions you are making.
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    When I flew to Grand Rapids Michigan I had a layover in Detroit. The flight from Detroit to Grand Rapids was I think 30 minutes or so... It was actually cheaper to fly to Grand Rapids through Detroit than to JUST fly to Detroit.
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