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Epoxy anchors

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    Hi All,
    my first post on this fantastic forum.

    I am attaching a timber ledger to a concrete pool with 10mm stainless-steel threaded rods at 900mm centres. I am using a polyester adhesive made by ramset to anchor the rods into the concrete. The adhesive instructions call for the rod to be embedded in a 90mm deep hole. However, the engineer who designed the pool will only allow me to drill 70mm deep because the reinforcing bars are embedded 75mm from the outside of the shell.

    My question is: do I simply reduce the distance between the threaded rods by the ratio 70/90 (i.e. 700mm centres) to achieve the same overall strength, or is it more complicated than that?

    Appreciate any advice.

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    You can hire bar locater probes to find the spaces between the bars and drill deeper there.

    Look up 'concrete cover meter' in you local YP.
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    thanks Studiot, I'll look into it.
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