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I EPQ help (slingshot)

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    For my epq project I decided to create a slingshot which would fire a 780g projectile 100m.
    Then I looked up how to do the maths for it i.e the force needed, the tension in the rope etc. And I could find nothing. if anyone wants to help it would be appreciated: 780g projectile, 100m range and firing at angle of 45 degrees
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    Hello Ginger, :welcome:
    There's something about the culture at PF that encourages folks to first make an effort to get under way :smile:
    It is difficult to find nothing when searching for such terms. Fortunately PF has a whole thread of formulas for you to look through. When done, you can post a thread with a more specific problem statement.
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    We'll give you one hint to get you started though... How fast must the projectile be moving at launch?

    And with that hint, this thread is closed. As @BvU says, you can post a more specific problem statement when you have one.
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