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EPR > Bell > Aspect?

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    After a lookback at the current flap on EPR's validity I found that the Aspect Quantum Chemistry seemed to be invalid in that the modeling involved Calcium's configurational electrons. The model assumes that there are a pair of valence (4s) electrons and a pair of 4p electrons?? There are only 3p electrons - there are six of them all of equal momentum and that are more stable than the 3s orbital of calcium. There may be an explanation of how that could happen - does anyone know? Cheers, Jim
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    Besides my disagreeing with your assessment, what is your point? How do Aspect's correlations occur if the photons are not entangled? In other words, it is not really so critical that we know the exact mechanism of entangled pair production - although of course it is desirable - if we can witness the entanglement.

    The exact mechanism of Parametric Down Conversion (PDC) - which is now used for many Bell tests - is not known either.
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