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EPR paradox

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    was original EPR paper (as written by Einstein) contradicted uncertainty principal or was it against the copenhegon interpretation of QM? please tell me any website where original EPR paradox is discussed.
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    You can find the original paper here: http://prola.aps.org/pdf/PR/v47/i10/p777_1

    Or the article on wikipedia here... it doesn't take long to find either using google...

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    Ken G

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    It has come to be synonymous with critiques of the Copenhagen interpretation, but it was originally meant as a critique of quantum mechanics itself. Quantum mechanics made predictions that Einstein viewed as impossible, but when experiments indicated that the predictions were correct, the focus shifted from quantum mechanics itself to allowable interpretations of it. A crucial piece in recognizing the degree to which the quantum mechanical predictions were inescapable was laid out in "Bell's theorem", which asserted that quantum mechanics is incompatible with Einstein's picture of how physics must work, and the incompatibility was decided by experiment in favor of quantum mechanics.
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