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Epson Photopaper Surface ?

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    What chemical or paint is on the surface of glossy or semi glossy photopaper that makes it absorb the ink so well?
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    What Makes Photo Paper Glossy?

    Hi wondering what makes the surface of epson photo paper glossy?
    Would you know what paint or chemical they use for getting that surface?

    Thanks a million Edward, can you buy that resin anywhere?

    I can't find anywhere that would distribute either do you know anywhere?

    Thanks for your help well appreciated

    There are various resins and polymers used in the manufacturing of photo paper I don't know where to get them I would really appreciate some help.
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    There are various resins and polymers used in the manufacture of photo paper. Some companies outsource the paper production and then put their label on it.

    http://www.pictureline.com/newsletter/2004/november/paper.html [Broken]
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    I don't think so, although you might ask around at photo shops and art specialty stores. Plus there is a polymer coating over the resin that absorbs the ink. The resin keeps the ink from penetrating the paper.

    It is usually made in large batches for industrial distribution.

    Another link on photopapers.

    http://www.photo-i.co.uk/Reviews/interactive/HP 7960/page_13.htm

    There are resins available that allow one to cast a photo into them. If you ever want a photo permanetly cast to a piece of rock (or anything solid) that's the way to go.:smile:
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    Try contacting a printing company or paper maker.
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    Paper is normally impregnated with calcium carbonate for overall brightness, and titanium dioxide for super-brightness and opacity. It is calendared for smoothness (pressing between hot smooth rolls at high pressure), and then it is coated for extra surface qualities. I was the lead operator on a paper machine that made high-density glossy papers that were used in Elle, Vogue and other fashion magazines that need perfect paper to drive ad revenue. Higher-quality publications relied on additional coatings, smooth surfacing, and hi-rez printing.
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    No I don't, sorry
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