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Equation and write the procedure? x+cos(x)=0

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    Can someone solve this equation and write the procedure?


    Without using graph.
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    cos(x) is a transcendental function, there isn't much point to scratching your head trying to solve a transcendental equation; it isn't likely to be expressible in terms of radicals anyway.

    Use Newtons method.
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    The approximate solution is all u could get...The solution is unique,however,it is certainly a transcendental (i.e.no algebraic) number...

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    cos(x)=0,3 is also transcendental equation (I think), even so I can get approximate solution with my calculator (1,266 ...). Is there any possibility how to get approximate solution of x+cos(x)=0 with common calculator (for example the calculator in windows)?
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    Express the equation as:

    x = - Cos(x)

    now do a fixed point iteration so

    [tex] x_2 = - \cos (x_1) [/tex]
    [tex] x_{n +1} = - \cos (x_n) [/tex]

    Start by making a guess between 1 and 0, call this [itex] x_1 [/itex] calculate [itex] x_2 [/itex] ,simply repeat the process until the number stops changing. It is not incredibly fast, 20 iterations gets you around 3 digits. Keep iterating until you are tired of pushing buttons, observe the digits that do not change. The unchanging digits are your answer. If you want more digits iterate some more.
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    Thank you, I think this is sufficient for me.
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