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Equation Editor

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    Who knows of a good equation editor?

    I have used the one that comes with MS Word, and I find it very convenient. Changes in my circumstances will take this editor out of my reach, so I need to find a new one. I found one that is called "Equation Illustrator V." It is clearly more cumbersome that the MS Word Equation editor.
    I would like the program to work indepently of other programs. It would be nice if it included drawing tools for diagrams and such. I don't mind paying a few dollars for a good editor, but of course I'd prefer a free one.
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    what changes take this out of your reach?
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    I'm going to school, moving away, buying a new computer. The new computer won't have MS Word. Rather than purchase MS word, I thought I could find a new editor. Besides, MS Word only writes equations. Drawing and labeling pictures is pretty good, but could be easier.
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    MS word is still pretty good.
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    maybe your new computer will come with something.
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