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Equation for drag force

  1. Oct 3, 2009 #1
    I know that standard formula is, FD = 1/2 CD *ApV^2

    FD = Drag Force. SI: N
    CD = Drag Coefficient. SI: Dimensionless (Typical Values)
    A = Coss-sectional Area perpendicular to the flow. SI: m2
    r = Density of the medium. SI: kg/m3
    v = Velocity of the body relative to the medium. SI: m/s

    But our prof also said theres another formula for drag force,

    FD = 1/4 AV^2

    (Its is not supposed to be equal but approximately)

    So the question is when is the equation above false, whats the error in the equation that makes it approximate.
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