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Equation for parabola

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    Vertex (-5,5) point (-3,17)

    Equation for the parabola with the given vertex that passes through the given point.

    I am stumped! Please help :bugeye:
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    well, look at this
    you have a quadratic of the form ax^2+bx+c
    so you have two points
    so plug in y and x in for those two points:


    but they also tell you that (-5, 5) is the vertex
    which means that there, the solution only has one root; meaning that the x coordinate is equal to -b/2a
    so then you have

    i think you should be able to solve for this now. perhapsably.
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    Using what is provided, I have come up with:

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    Great. This is always the most insightful way to write the equation of a parabola.
    As a check, you can easily see the vertex is at (-5,5). Putting x=-3 gives y=3(2^2)+5=17.
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